Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Victoria's Secret Free Mini Dog & Water Bottle

Victoria's Secret free water bottle and mini dog with any pink purchase (including clearance items) 
in stores now through July 15th. They are also available online use code PINKSUMMER
 at checkout. I picked up one today and a pair of panties for only $4.

This adorable mini dog will be a nice addition to my collection.
Inside the water bottle you also receive a scratch off card for a sweet offer.
I haven't scratched mine yet so I'm not sure what it is...hopefully something good:)
I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!!!
Xoxo, Faith


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    1. You always have an amazing pictures!;)

      Look at my blog:)

  2. i love your blog! i hope you write some more posts soon!!!

  3. wow so cute I love victoria's secret dog , you have a great collection :-)

  4. What do you use to edit your videos?
    XOXO LOVE U <3

  5. I was going to get one of these, but they don't have the clear ones in the city I live in =[
    My husband broke my pink one and I'm SO annoyed!!

    J Y U K I M I

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  7. I absolutely adore your blog!! Its perfect :) Yesterday and today i seriously read every single blog post haha. You take amazing pictures as well. My blog is if you want to check me out! Im kind of new lol. I have a quick question. Where did you purchase your ceramic wiener dog bowl with the red nose? I've seen it on other peoples blogs before yet they don't seem to mention where they bought it. Thanks!

    xoxo, Kayla

  8. Hi Faith,
    I know this is random, but I hope you can help. I have the Malm dressing table from Ikea as a vanity. I remembered in one of your videos, you mentioned that your husband did something to the drawer to make it open wider. Would you please let me know how it was done? I searched all over and no one has posted a hack for this.
    Thanks in advance! Natalie

  9. Hey Faith- I'm writing you from a company named eLUXE. We'd love to chat with whomever does your business development or manages your media. Please advise. Best! Kat